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SRSafety Thermal Acrylic Latex Coated Gloves [SR-NM007]

7 gauge thermal terry acrylic knitted liner, palm coated crinkle latex, winter work gloves. The 7 gauge terry acrylic knitted liner offers excellent thermal insulation and comfort, keeping hands warm and cozy in colder environments. The crinkle latex palm coating provides outstanding grip and control in dry conditions. This winter glove combines grip and warmth, making it an excellent choice for cold weather.

Product Details

  • Liner:7 gauge terry acrylic
  • Coating:Crinkle latex
  • Size:8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/2XL, 12/3XL
  • MOQ:6000 pairs
  • Lead Time:60-120 days
  • Customization:Logo, Color, Packing

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  • 7 gauge terry acrylic knitted liner glove offers exceptional warmth and softness
  • Crinkle latex palm coating ensures fantastic grip in dry conditions
  • Specially designed for use in cold conditions
  • Suitable for use in the agriculture, construction, forestry, glass and warehouse industries
  • Customizable

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What Does Winter Work Gloves mean?

These winter work gloves with much more or greater insulation are of top standard. More, however, can be self-defeating in this case — gloves with plenty of insulation for the cold weather conditions will end up causing your hands to sweat so much that even these best winter work gloves might well struggle to wick it away. These insulated gloves place stronger protection in strategic places, striking a perfect balance to provide warmth where it is most needed. They have maximum dexterity, designed to allow for comfortable movement with dexterity. It is, therefore, crucial to select the appropriate level of insulation for your job and the temperature variations. These and more products may be found at NMSafety for reasonable costs and high quality, as they have a huge selection of safety work gloves to choose from. They have a thermal latex-coated glove assortment that is exceptional in terms of quality, and it will be the most profitable move you’ve ever made.


Thermal Acrylic Latex Coated Gloves:

These gloves are an ideal option when we talk about cold temperature tasks and firm grip requirements as they are made up of terry acrylic lining which is considered ideal for providing the ultimate warmth and sense of comfort to its user with excellent abrasion resistance and flexibility that is essential to perform your task quickly. Not only that its knitted back is kept uncoated to make it lightweight and breathable.


General Features:

Crinkle latex coating on the glove is provided a few critical features that are the prerequisite for effective safety in different sectors thanks to a special chemical approach that makes the latex wrinkle. This form of the glove will have unmatched performance not only in a drought environment but, more crucially, in humid weather. The crinkled surface provides greater rip and snips resistance. If you take a glance at the hand layer of these gloves, you’ll find that it’s crinkled and irregular, thus the term. Winter work gloves can indeed be rinsed before packaging to prevent chemical residue and improve comfort.


Basic Hands’ Protection Offer By These Winter Work Gloves:


Layering up, as with other parts of the body, is the most effective way to keep your hands warm. The thermal properties of a glove are the most important feature to look for when working in cold weather. These winter work gloves are made to provide thermal comfort without compromising dexterity (more on that later!). For example, these gloves provide three layers of protection which are given below:


Three Layers Of Protection:


  • A Brushed Terry Acrylic thermal layer that feels like fleece.
  • A liquid-repellent layer made of smooth latex that is highly dexterous.
  • A micro-foam grip made of latex


Major Benefits Of Using Winter Work Gloves:


Thickness And Gripping Power:

These gloves have an ideal thickness that is enough to allow you to feel what you’re doing while also being thick enough to keep your hands warm. While the gripping power of these winter work gloves are depending on the latex or its coating that has been used, these gloves have better-gripping abilities than others.



Since they are made of 100 percent natural latex, these winter work gloves are also ideal for a wide range of jobs because of their prime qualities and nimbleness. They also have knuckle protectors and flexibility on the top level so that the worker won’t feel any stress on their hands. These insulated gloves provide next-level comfort and thermal insulation to keep the user’s hands warm even in sub-zero temperatures.



Thermal Insulation:


When working in the cold, water is a major issue. Gloves with waterproof layering will keep your hands dry and satisfied as well. These waterproof gloves are specifically designed for keeping your hands dry and protected, not only that they are the best way to ensure maximum thermal insulation and water-resistant capability. In cold weather, these safety gloves with high dexterity and thermal insulation allow the user to function properly regardless of the temperature.




Workers may be required to perform a wide range of tasks, working from small to big tasks that include construction, renovation, warehousing, gardening, and recording stock on touch screen interfaces, all of which require a high level of nimbleness. Finding the best work gloves for working in the cold is difficult because it requires ensuring that wearers can still complete their tasks. Using these winter work gloves which are designed specifically for this purpose is the best way to ensure maximum dexterity. Cold weather work gloves with high dexterity enable operators to work normally no matter how cold it is outside.


Our Top Pick From all Latex Coated Gloves:


Polycotton Crinkle Latex Coated Gloves

These winter work gloves provide good control, agility, damage tolerance, penetration resistance, and general longevity. Their permeable rear guarantees convenience, and their ergonomic design makes them suitable for lengthy stretches of use. They are incredibly resilient and appropriate for manipulating tiny pieces, used in the automobile industry, metal pressing, building operations, and other uses due to their great cut protection.


Final Words:

If you want a glove that will last for several winters, this is the winter work glove for you! This glove is designed for moderate climates and has the comfort and dependability of a skiing glove. So is the palm non-slip, but the glove also has flex around the hem to keep snow and ice out. Being your trustworthy vendor, NMSafety we suggest choosing this winter work glove that is durable and efficient in protecting your hands against cold and will keep your hands dry and comfy throughout the task you will do.